healthy hair

Tips for Keeping Your Hair Healthy

Almost every person desires to have healthy hair. Men and women all want to have strong, thick, silky, and alluring hair. However, this is not always the case because the hair may be unhealthy due to different issues and even start dropping slowly.  Some of the reasons why people have hair loss include poor diet and hygiene, and drugs.

The following are some useful tips that can help you keep healthy hair:

Observe Balanced Diet

balanced dietA good diet is one of the best ways to ensure you have healthy hair. It will help if you eat a balanced diet that comprises of vitamins, proteins, and minerals like iron and calcium. All these are vital for healthy hair. These nutrients promote healthy hair growth and make hair have its natural sheen. The best foods to include in your diet to ensure healthy hair are foods rich in iron like beans, fish, soybeans, vegetables, and others. Proteins like lentil, milk, and peas are also necessary as part of your diet to help you have healthy hair.


Trim Your Hair Regularly

trim your hairKeeping healthy hair requires regular trimming by a professional or a stylist. You could also trim the hair yourself in the house, and you only need to acquire the necessary equipment and learn how to do it. For a start, a pair of scissors could be enough. The recommended time for trimming short hair is 4 to 8 weeks, while 6 to 12 weeks would be a reasonable time after which you can cut medium to long hair.

Although hair trimming seems to work against hair growth, it encourages hair growth by doing away with split ends and damaged hair. This stimulates better and more growth from the roots. It also makes it softer and more flexible hence minimizing breakage.

Brush Your Hair When Dry

You need to brush your hair prior to getting into the shower but not after the shower because wet hair is prone to breakage and damage. If you take at least a second before showering to straighten your hair, it will keep them healthy and minimize breakages. Besides, brushing your hair when dry helps distribute the natural oil from your scalp to the strands’ ends. You will also have an easy time styling your hair after the shower because it is already straight and smooth.