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Differences between adult acne and teenage acne

According to the data by the American Academy of Dermatology, close to 50 million adult Americans have acne. This is why the cosmetics industry is worth billions of dollars since adults are spending a lot of their money to fight acne. Most of the times the treatments don’t work, and this makes me question whether doctors and dermatologists understand what causes adult acne. So, is there any difference between adult acne and teenage acne?

There are no much differences between adult acne and teenage acne. This is because they are all caused by an imbalance in the body’s hormonal level which makes the sebaceous glands to produce a lot of sebum. However, what makes acne to be perceived as a teenage problem is because, in teenagers, the hormones tend to fluctuate more wildly. Here are some of the differences between adult acne and teenage acne.


blond girlUnlike teenage acne that is pure as a result of overactive sebaceous glands, adult acne may be caused by stress. High-stress levels cause your hormonal levels to fluctuate in an exaggerated way leading to acne breakouts.


In teenagers, acne affects both boys and girls in the same proportion. However, in adults, acne breakouts is twice likely to affect women as compared to the likelihood in men. This is as a result of various factors that include the high number of hair and skin care products that women tend to use as compared to men.

Aging skin

Adult acne can also be as a result of aging skin. This is because as you age, the vascular structure of the blood vessels under your skin gets weaker. The strength of the cellular wall of the pores in your skin also become weaker with your age. This makes the pores to become larger hence causing breakouts as the pores are likely to get clogged.


Adult acne is more persistent than teenage acne. This makes it very complicated to treat. This is why you may try several products that will claim to make your acne go away only to end up with even more acne.


girl sufferingAdult acne is more prone to the sensitivity of the skin as compared to teenage acne. This is because the sensitivity of your skin tends to increase with age. This is why treating adult acne is very problematic as compared to teenage acne. Check out proactive ratings to get a chance to learn more about acne.