glass of water, lemon and measuring tape

Your Weight Loss Journey Simplified

Losing weight has been a subject that puts off a vast majority of people. One of the common reasons is probably because they tried and failed miserably and don’t see the hope of ever getting up, dusting themselves and going on with the journey. I call it a journey because weight loss does not happen in one night. You can

It requires a lot of dedication, tireless effort and above all, it requires a lot of patience. Losing weight and keeping fit is not something you decide one morning when you wake up, you have to seek advice from all the relevant sources including a nutritionist. They will all tell you that your body has to be prepared in every way to adapt to the changes that you are about to put it through.

How to lose weight in a simple way

Where and how to start

Weight LossYou can first begin by a series of light meals consisting of fruit, vegetables and plenty of clean water. Try this for about one week then inculcate healthy portions of proteins and cut down on the level of carbs in your diet. It will not be easy ignoring all those sweets at the store especially if you have a sweet tooth.


This is where discipline and integrity come in and help you overcome those self-defeating thoughts that lie to you that losing weight is not for you and that you should leave it to the pros. Get rid of the unhealthy literature you have in your library and start feeding your mind with healthy books, preferably the inspirational genre. It is important to realize that it all starts from the mind. When you feed your mind with healthy content, it automatically trickles down to the rest of your body.

How to lose weight with diet

Now that your mind is already taken care of, you can move to the next level, which is your diet. In the second paragraph, I have mentioned starting off with fruits, vegetables, and water. It’s a healthy start, but you also have to be careful not to starve yourself. At meal times, serve only the healthy options onto your plate.

measuring the waistThis means that you may want to steer clear of anything that’s fried or roasted as they will only drag you behind in your weight loss journey. You should also stay away from unhealthy habits such as snacking in the middle of the night or at odd times of the day. This will only interfere with the digestion process and ruin your appetite for a more healthier and balanced meal ahead. If you have to eat a snack, eat an apple or banana or fruit that will indulge your taste buds in a healthy way.

Clear your refrigerator of all unhealthy options

The more you feast your eyes on potato chips, chocolate, cookies and other kinds of junk, it will be difficult to resist them and stick to your healthy diet plan. When I say clear your fridge, I mean you either throw it away or give it to the neighbors but just don’t eat any of them. Drink lots of pure water and fresh fruit juice. If you feel like your taste buds can’t handle the insipid factor about water, you have the option of squeezing a lemon into your glass of water.