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Home Remedies For Sagging Breasts

Beasts sag naturally after the age of forty. However, this can happen at an earlier age due to various reasons. When breasts sag, a woman’s self-esteem lowers significantly. This is because a woman’s breast signify their feminity

Breasts sag due to poor nutrition, breastfeeding, menopause, weight gain, rapid weight loss, diseases such as tuberculosis, too much alcohol intake, wearing the wrong bra size and rapid weight loss.

How to remedy your sagging breasts

Exercisegirls jogging

It is important to exercises and in the proses, include pectoral exercises for the breasts. Do push-ups, chest presses, dumb bell flyes, and swimming. Ensure that when exercising, you wear a supportive bra. Exercises like running, jogging and bending forward can help make your breasts firm again.


Massaging your breasts is a good way to ensure they are firm. This can be done through ice massage where you take two ice cubes and massage each breast for about a minute. This relaxes the breasts. Massage your breasts using oils such as olive oil, carrot oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and argan oil. These oils are rich in antioxidants and fatty acids which are essential to replenish the oils that have been lost in the breasts.

You could also use masks to massage your breasts. You can make a mask from the cucumber and egg white where you massage the mask on your breasts for about ten minutes then rinse them with warm water or make a mask from egg white, a tablespoon of honey and vitamin e. apply the mask on your breast and massage for about fifteen minutes. Repeat this process for about four days in a week and your breasts will start to show firmness.

Healthy eating

Eating healthy nutritious food is crucial. This enables that the nutrients in your body which include the breasts are replenished, and the damaged tissues are repaired in the process. Some of these foods include proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and calcium.


Yoga is known to tone the skin including your breast. Yoga focussing on the upper part of your body will effectively help with your breast firmness.

Essential oils

Cypress oil, carrot oil, lembottles of essential oilsongrass oil, fennel oil, and spearmint oil are some of the essential oils that can be used to
massage your breast to make them firm.

You can easily get your breasts back on track by taking note of these practices. However, avoid extreme dieting. This causes a lot of skin to be left sagging from all the fat that has been lost. Diet and exercises gradually to achieve the desired results.